Oilfield Accidents Lawyer and Tip to Hire a Best Lawyer

Working in the oil and gas industry can be dangerous. Accidents are known to happen frequently, which is why most oil and gas companies have strict safety protocols in place. However, even with these measures in place, accidents still occur on a regular basis. If you work in the oil field and have sustained an injury from a work accident, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Oil field accident lawyer
Oil field accident

Know Your Rights When You Sustain an Oil Field Accident Injury

Any injury that occurs on the job during your employment is considered a “work-related injury” and should be reported to your employer. If you’re injured on the job, we may entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits. This is important to know because if you do not report your injury, the oil field company is not responsible for your medical care (and you won’t be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits).

Oil Field Accident Injury
Oil Field Accidents

Each state has its own workers’ compensation laws, so the specific requirements for reporting a work injury vary from state to state. In Texas, you will have to report your injury to your workers’ compensation insurance company within 90 days of the date of the accident that caused the injury. Unfortunately, even if you have sustained a work-related injury, there is no way to know whether you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits until you report your injury. You should also know that if you have sustained an injury on the job, you should not sign any documents waiving your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

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Hiring a Lawyer After An Oil Field Accident

If you’re dealing with a oil field accident that’s causing you a great deal of pain and anguish, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer after the oil field accident occurs. Remember, you’ll want to report your accident to your workers’ compensation insurance company as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the benefits to which you’re entitled. When you do this, you’ll want to hire a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that the oil field company does not deny your benefits.

Hiring a Lawyer After Oil Field Accident
Hiring Lawyer for Oil Field Accident

The faster you hire an attorney, the faster you’ll be able to receive the benefits you’re entitled to. Some attorneys will offer a free consultation or a “friend at court” consultation, which means that you’ll be able to speak with the attorney at no cost. If you choose to hire a lawyer, make sure to choose one who knows the laws in your state and in the state that governs your oil field company.

Common Causes of Oil Field Accidents

There are a number of common causes of oil field accidents. For example, slips and falls are frequent sources of oil field accidents. Workers may slip and fall on oily surfaces or in oily water. Another common cause of oil field accidents is faulty or damaged equipment. This can happen when equipment breaks down or is used improperly. Oil field accidents can also be caused by dangerous wildlife. Animals, such as snakes, are a frequent cause of oil field accidents.

Causes of Oil Field Accident
Causes of Oil Field Accident

Workers may also sustain injuries because of the negligence of another person on the job site. There are a number of different ways that you can be injured while working in the oil field. You may get burns, cuts, or fractures. You may also inhale toxic fumes or chemicals or be exposed to other toxic materials. You can also be exposed to extreme weather, such as extreme heat or cold. Finally, you may be injured in an explosion or by other dangerous forces.

The Cost of Oil Field Accidents

Accidents in the oil field aren’t just costly for the workers involved; they’re also expensive for companies. In fact, statistics suggest that the cost of oil field accidents is somewhere between $8 billion and $10 billion each year. This cost is made up of two main things: Lost production and increased safety costs. Lost production costs refer to the amount of oil and gas that isn’t being produced due to the accidents and reduced efficiency.

Cost of Oil Field Accident
Cost of Oil Field Accident

Increased safety costs refer to the extra money companies spend to keep workers safe, including the money they spend on better equipment, training, and safety precautions. So, not only do oil field accidents cause pain and suffering for workers, they can also significantly affect the bottom line of oil field companies.

Finding the Right Lawyer for your Houston Oil Field Accident Case

Finding an oil field accident attorney in Houston can be easy if you know where to look. In fact, there are many directories and websites that offer information on the best attorneys in Houston, Texas. You can also ask your friends and family members if they have any recommendations. You can even ask your doctor if they have any suggestions. Once you’ve found potential lawyers, you can then begin to narrow down your choices by asking important questions.

Best lawyer for oil field accident
Best lawyer for oil field accident

For example, you might want to ask how many oil field accident cases the attorney has won in the past. You might also want to ask how long the attorney has been practicing law and if they specialize in oil field accident cases. You can also ask how much the attorney charges for their services and what types of payment plans they offer. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can then arrange a meeting with your top candidates. This meeting can help you make a decision about which lawyer to hire.


Working in the oil field can be dangerous, and injuries are a common occurrence. If you sustain an injury while working in the oil field, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, in order to receive these benefits, you must report your injury to your insurance company as soon as possible. You should also hire a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that the oil field company does not deny your benefits.