Justin Bieber Documentary 'Justin Bieber: Our World' Coming to Amazon Prime

New Justin Bieber Documentary is headed for Amazon. The dock title, "Justin Bieber: Our World," follows Bieber and his close-knit team this month. Leading up to T-Mobile presents. New Year's Eve lives with Justin Bieber as they rehearse and construct a monumental stage while adhering to strict, healthy and safe situations. Protocols, the film also captures self-shot moments between the performer and wife, Haley Bieber, the movie is being directed by. Michael D. Ratner, who previously worked on the singer's other Doc's.

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YouTube Originals Justin Bieber Seasons. It's a follow-up to the next chapter, as well as Demi Lovato's docu-series, Dancing With the Devil. The doc is being produced by Ratner Robb Pictures at Beaver, Time Films, Scooter and Braun Films, the performer, which released a statement. Regarding the news saying, in part performing live and connecting with my fans through music is deeply meaningful to me this film documents an intense and exciting time preparing for a return to the stage during this season of real uncertainty coming together with my team, overcoming the obstacles, and delivering a special show surrounded by friends and family. It's all here. Justin Bieber. Our world. Will Premiere worldwide on Amazon Prime Video on October 8, the latest news and updates on all your favorite Stars, keep watching biodtells.